What happened to Suzi?

I have been away from this for over a year, but want to get back into doing some blogs to record my quilting progress.

The past year plus has been hectic, retirement, then going back to work a temp job for my old company, quitting that job because the commute to Sunnyvale was a killer- 2hours each direction.  Took a part time job in Lafayette  that is great and only 18 hours a week.  Then going back to do my old job for 3 and 1/2 months.  Just about killed me working two jobs – was working 60 plus hours a week and still could not keep up.   But mid – December that ended and have been trying to get myself back to leading a normal life.

March 2012 – EBHQ Voices in Cloth show at the Craneway Pavillion in Richmond.  Was an astounding success.   We made money and had over 3,500 people attend.   As usual, EBHQ members showed incredible quilts and garments.   Was so much fun – but have to wait until 2014 for the next one.   Maybe next time I will have a quilt for the show.

In the coming days I will show some of the quilts I have been working on this year.   I am happy to say I am finally finishing some of the UFO’s and making some new ones to take up the vacant space.





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Annual visit to Yosemite

Have been really busy, doing what I am not sure.   But never seem to get around to updating my blog.  Will try to do better, however, I am going back to work part time this week so will have less time. 

Last week Gorden and I went Yosemite for 3 days, stayed in a condo inside the park, was great not having to drive the 40 or so miles each day from Mariposa.    The waterfalls were spectacular, guess they should be with 199% of average snow.   There was still snow on the ground at the condo, not much but funny to see it so late in the year.

Words just cannot express the beauty of this park and the spiritual feeling I get each time I visit.     And we the people of this great country own this….

Upper Yosemite falls,  Upper, middle, and Lower Yosemite Falls and the valley with Bridalveil Falls.   Spectacular.

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I have been away too long

I have been away from my blog for too long,  I  accepted a consulting position from my old employer and have been commuting 120 miles several times a month as well as working from my home office  to clean up the management  files for a big apartment project the company is building in Sunnyvale, CA.  I will still be working, although I hope not as many hours as I did in Feb and March so now I can get back to enjoying my retirement.

On Friday my friend Sally and I took the day to visit two museums in San Francisco.   We went to the Legion of Honor and the de Young (my favorite museum) to see these two exhibits.

If you live in the bay area or near you should not miss the Pulp Fashion exhibit.  It was fascinating to see costumes made entirely from paper.  Not only were dresses and other costumes made from paper, but shoes, jewelry and other accessories.  I may have to go again.

On Sat. my two pals Geneva, Julie and I worked on prayers and squares quilts.   We made our very first art quilt for someone very special in our church.   I have it now and will begin the quilting in a day or two.  We had so much fun collaborating and putting the quilt together.   And the best part was we found a box of donated fabrics that contained some large pieces that can be used for quilt backs.  The box also included a large assortment of solid fabrics, something we have been lacking .   We felt we truly had received a gift from God – and our little piece will be made entirely from donated fabrics.   What a treat.

Now back to my studio and begin work on my quilts again.

Until we meet again.


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Neglected Blogging

I have been busy with too many other things so my blogging is really behind.

Not doing much quilting – just wasting time and doing some part-time work for my old company.   Love working agian – I really miss working and being with other people most days.  

Bead Journal Quilt

I have been working on the Jan beaded journal quilt. This is a very small quilt only 8 x 10 inches.  I have started the beading – it will have a lot more of the  snow beads and will have a snow drift at the bottom.  Then have to get busy with the Feb journal quilt.  My theme for the bead journal quilts is “Nature that makes my heart sing”.   The project is to make one journal project each month of the year.  After about April they will be posted on the website for all to see.   I have seen some of the work others have done in the past years and know this is really going to be a challenge.  But that is why I signed up.

Also am working on my grandmothers flower garden quilt.  I hope to begin the hand quilting within the next couple of weeks.   It is going to take several months to get it finished, but I think if I can do a little bit every day I can get it done for Voices in Cloth quilt show next March. The quilt is about 72 x 80 inches.  

Tomorrow some friends and I are taking a class on collage quilts and Monday I will be taking a fabric painting class with Lynn Koolish.   Lots to do – so little time.

Until we meet again.


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Sat yard work

The joy of living in California is beautiful weather in Jan.   I even did some yard work today, after helping move 20 plus yards of bark at our pre-school in the morning.  Hard work but fun and now the playground will be safe and won’t be  muddy for the pre-schoolers.

We got home about 10 am and started the task of cleaning up the dead branches and pruning some of the foliage in the backyard.   It was about 62 degrees and had to put on a t-shirt to work.   After living in the bay area for 27 years I still cannot get used to this kind of weather in Jan.

Here are a couple of pictures of our beautiful green hill – in July it will be golden, but for now I am loving the green.   Also my pyracantha bush loaded with berries.  Isn’t it beautiful?

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Why I am doing a blog

As many of you know I retired at the end of July.   My thought was this would be “turning over a new leaf”.   Learning how to enjoy staying home and working on all of the unfinished craft projects.   Not working has been difficult – I miss being in the middle of all the crisis and especially  miss the people, however, I am adjusting and working on all kinds of projects.   I am serving on two boards and will be the treasurer for the EBHQ VIC 2012 quilt show.   But most importantly I want to work on quilts and other craft projects. 

Working for 47 years you knew what to do each morning – get out of bed, get your clothes on and get out the door by 7:15 am.  Work at your job for 8 plus hours, come home, fix dinner and if you don’t have any meetings veg out until you go to bed so you can get up tomorrow and do it all over again.    But Aug 15 after my grand niece left I could not figure out what to do – what happened to all of those plans I made while waiting to retire?   Here we are in Jan and I think I am getting in the groove of what I want to do in my retirement.    I am taking a class learning how to set up my blog and hope to post some of the happenings in my life periodically.   If you are interested to know what is going on in my life you can check the blog.  

Also I am hoping to increase my quilting knowledge.   I have always been a traditional quilter, but I want to try my hand at doing art quilts.   I also want to do more dyeing and of course, I am learning to bead.   To help motivate myself I have signed up for two different things for 2011 – 1) a UFO (unfinished objects) website. I have gone through all of my unfinished objects and made a list.  Then I numbered most of them – on the first of each month I will pull a number and must finish that project that month.   Unfortunately I have more than 12 projects to finish – I will let you know more about that later.    2) I have signed up to do a bead journal page each month that will be posted on a website.  

So if you are interested to see what I am up to just check my blob periodically.   Encouragement will be appreciated if you see that I am slacking off in getting those old projects completed.

Also, I want to let you know the quilt I posted the other day is not my design – I took a class in August from Jan Krentz, it is her design.  I just followed her pattern and even used her colors – it was a bit difficult at first but I am so happy with the results.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Love you all,   SUZI

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Finished Quilt # 1 for 2011

Yeah- finished the Jan Krentz class quilt and it is hanging in the hallway. Next task is quilting the Mary Mashuta class quilt.

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