Neglected Blogging

I have been busy with too many other things so my blogging is really behind.

Not doing much quilting – just wasting time and doing some part-time work for my old company.   Love working agian – I really miss working and being with other people most days.  

Bead Journal Quilt

I have been working on the Jan beaded journal quilt. This is a very small quilt only 8 x 10 inches.  I have started the beading – it will have a lot more of the  snow beads and will have a snow drift at the bottom.  Then have to get busy with the Feb journal quilt.  My theme for the bead journal quilts is “Nature that makes my heart sing”.   The project is to make one journal project each month of the year.  After about April they will be posted on the website for all to see.   I have seen some of the work others have done in the past years and know this is really going to be a challenge.  But that is why I signed up.

Also am working on my grandmothers flower garden quilt.  I hope to begin the hand quilting within the next couple of weeks.   It is going to take several months to get it finished, but I think if I can do a little bit every day I can get it done for Voices in Cloth quilt show next March. The quilt is about 72 x 80 inches.  

Tomorrow some friends and I are taking a class on collage quilts and Monday I will be taking a fabric painting class with Lynn Koolish.   Lots to do – so little time.

Until we meet again.


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1 Response to Neglected Blogging

  1. GS says:

    Beaded Trees are looking Good!

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