I have been away too long

I have been away from my blog for too long,  I  accepted a consulting position from my old employer and have been commuting 120 miles several times a month as well as working from my home office  to clean up the management  files for a big apartment project the company is building in Sunnyvale, CA.  I will still be working, although I hope not as many hours as I did in Feb and March so now I can get back to enjoying my retirement.

On Friday my friend Sally and I took the day to visit two museums in San Francisco.   We went to the Legion of Honor and the de Young (my favorite museum) to see these two exhibits.

If you live in the bay area or near you should not miss the Pulp Fashion exhibit.  It was fascinating to see costumes made entirely from paper.  Not only were dresses and other costumes made from paper, but shoes, jewelry and other accessories.  I may have to go again.

On Sat. my two pals Geneva, Julie and I worked on prayers and squares quilts.   We made our very first art quilt for someone very special in our church.   I have it now and will begin the quilting in a day or two.  We had so much fun collaborating and putting the quilt together.   And the best part was we found a box of donated fabrics that contained some large pieces that can be used for quilt backs.  The box also included a large assortment of solid fabrics, something we have been lacking .   We felt we truly had received a gift from God – and our little piece will be made entirely from donated fabrics.   What a treat.

Now back to my studio and begin work on my quilts again.

Until we meet again.


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