Annual visit to Yosemite

Have been really busy, doing what I am not sure.   But never seem to get around to updating my blog.  Will try to do better, however, I am going back to work part time this week so will have less time. 

Last week Gorden and I went Yosemite for 3 days, stayed in a condo inside the park, was great not having to drive the 40 or so miles each day from Mariposa.    The waterfalls were spectacular, guess they should be with 199% of average snow.   There was still snow on the ground at the condo, not much but funny to see it so late in the year.

Words just cannot express the beauty of this park and the spiritual feeling I get each time I visit.     And we the people of this great country own this….

Upper Yosemite falls,  Upper, middle, and Lower Yosemite Falls and the valley with Bridalveil Falls.   Spectacular.

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One Response to Annual visit to Yosemite

  1. Sally says:

    Lovely photos, Suzi. I’m envious. Guess you were lucky to have gotten your reservations, since it seems as though lots of areas were closed because of the snow. Hope it was as beautiful and restoring as the photos imply.
    Love, Sally

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